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Ten Vineyard Lunches

Ten Vineyard Lunches

By Richard Olney

Published 1988

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A persillade is a mixture of garlic and chopped parsley. It can be prepared in two ways, depending on its use. For incorporation into stuffings and other mixtures before cooking, I prefer to pound the garlic, with a pinch of coarse salt, to a paste in a mortar before mixing in the parsley, chopped as described above; this produces a sticky persillade which disperses unevenly when used as a last-minute addition to rapid sautés. For these, I chop the garlic finely, first slicing it into paperthin slices, then chopping through it repeatedly, before tossing it lightly with the parsley. One clove of garlic and two or three tablespoons of finely chopped parsley will do for any of the recipes in this book.