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Ten Vineyard Lunches

Ten Vineyard Lunches

by Richard Olney


Reading anything by the late Richard Olney is pure pleasure, and the fact that this book puts primary focus on wine – a topic on which he was very knowledgeable – makes this book stand out from some of his other works. Written in 1988, it’s a glimpse into the past, and into timeless French gastronomic traditions.

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Richard Olney examines the wine-producing regions of France, creating ten vineyard lunches which draw their inspiration from the particular wines, revealing the individual character of each one. He takes a journey round the vineyards enabling the reader to learn about wine through food. His combinations of food and wine include a gratin of fresh figs with Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise and truffled sausages with pistachios accompanied by Macon-Village.

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Ten Vineyard Lunches: Richard Olney’s wine wisdom

Ten Vineyard Lunches: Richard Olney’s wine wisdom

Richard Olney, the American-born, Provence-based food writer, had a deep knowledge and love of French wines. The menus in his book Ten Vineyard Lunches are a brilliant introduction to the key French regions. Use Richard’s wine notes and ckbk’s recipes to discover French regional specialties and to create your own menus.