Potato, Funghi Porcini and Truffle Ravioli Stuffing

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For this recipe you need to have made the Cep and Truffle Relish. From then on you simply boil 1 kg of autumn potatoes in their skins (i.e. not new). Désirée or other reds are particularly good. Drain thoroughly and peel while warm, transferring them to a bowl. Mash coarsely with a little olive oil and seasoning, then add a little chopped parsley and as much of the relish as you think is financially wise.

This to me is the star stuffing, but I find it impossible to give an exact recipe. Much Italian cooking is like that, it is a hand-me-down tradition and relies on observation and demonstration rather than slavishly following a recipe. However, if you have made the relish, then you can experiment with this one. Note well the instruction to drain the potatoes thoroughly; if you leave any residual cooking water, the stuffing will be sloppy and useless.