As far as the food of man goes, I believe, dearest, that our duty is almost at an end; but here is one important item which supports the vitality of man as much as food does, I mean beverages; in fact, one is inseparable from the other: to drink without eating, or to eat without drinking, would soon send us to an early grave. True, if too much is taken of one or the other, it upsets the digestive organs, and materially affects the functions of that most important part of the human frame, the stomach, which, acting in accordance with the wonderful works of nature, refuses any food or drink that does not accord with its functions. True, bad food and beverages of all kinds are sometimes forced on it; but then, if it does not disturb its functions immediately, it acts on it gradually, and in course of time entirely destroys its coating or toilette. Is it not, then, important, that great care should be taken in what we eat or drink? The best of food is often spoilt by drinking bad beverages. Amongst the higher orders of society, the pride of an ā€œepicureā€ is to select the best of wines, which he considers one of his greatest treasures, scientifically classing them to the various courses of his dinner.