Wine and Asian Food

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I eat a lot of Asian food in my life, both at home and in restaurants. I also happen to love wine and have never been of the opinion that Asian food and wine don’t mix. Of course they do — I have been involved with the practice for 32 years!
In general, full-flavoured aromatic wines go well with Asian food; you need to remember that you are, for the most part, matching the wine to the experience, as you have a multitude of dishes on the table at any one time.
I’m lucky enough to have two of the best sommeliers in Australia working for me. David Lawler at Rockpool Bar & Grill in Melbourne and Nicole Reimers at Rockpool (fish) in Sydney are both dedicated professionals with not just a great wine knowledge but a great love of sharing their experience. They are both brilliant at what they do, so I thought it might be helpful for them to share their thoughts with you.