Milk For the Sick

It is generally conceded that in typhoid fever and diphtheria, milk should constitute the diet in early stages of either disease. In cases where it cannot be taken alone, it may be taken in combination with soda, seltzer, Apollinaris, or Vichy water, bearing in mind that it should be given in small quantities, at frequent, regular intervals.

In cases of extreme weakness peptonized milk is often used which is partially pre-digested. Koumiss (fermented milk), which can be easily prepared at home, is much used in fevers and gastric troubles.

Where a larger amount of nutriment is required, albumenized milk is valuable.

Good reports come from the use of modified milk, prepared at the Walker-Gordon Laboratory, Boston, and from a similar laboratory in Philadelphia. Modified milk is put up by physicians’ prescriptions; the milk is separated into its parts, and recombined in different proportions to better suit the needs of individual cases. The milk is always sterilized before it leaves the laboratory.

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