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Chocolates and Confections

By Peter Greweling

Published 2007

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This book bears my name, but at no point was I alone in making it a reality. Many individuals and organizations contributed generously to this work, and without each of them, the book in your hands would have been a lesser one.
I remain indebted to those who worked with me to create the first edition of this book, and undertaking the second edition has added to the long list of people with whom it has been my pleasure and good fortune to work.

The administration, faculty, staff, and students of The Culinary Institute of America all touched and influenced this book. I thank the administration for agreeing to join me in producing what I hope will be an important textbook, professional reference work, and contribution to the field of confectionery. My friend Tom Gumpel deserves special credit for providing me with the impetus to begin work on this book. Without his encouragement, I would never have undertaken the project. Were it not for the ongoing support of Dean Thomas Vaccaro, completing the second edition would have been considerably more arduous.