To Boil Fresh Meat

Appears in
The Cookery of England

By Elisabeth Ayrton

Published 1975

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Wipe the meat and cut off any superfluous fat. To a thin piece such as ribs of mutton, allow 15 minutes to the lb. (½ k.) and 15 minutes over; a thick piece such as a leg of mutton or silverside of beef will need 25 minutes to the lb. (½ k.) and 25 minutes over. Pork and veal require 30 minutes to the lb. (½ k.) and 30 minutes over. Very small joints can be successfully boiled but allow no extra time if under 3 lb. (1½ k.).

If necessary, tie the meat in shape. Place the meat in boiling water sufficient to cover, bring again to boiling point and skim. Let it boil for 5 minutes to harden the outside, then reduce the heat and allow to simmer very gently during the rest of the time.