The Techniques

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By James Peterson

Published 2007

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Regardless of how you cook your fish—sauté, fry, steam, poach—and regardless of its form—whole, fillets, or steaks— the internal temperature of all fish correctly cooked will be the same. The cooking technique will affect the skin—sautéing or frying will leave it crispy, while poaching or steaming will leave it rubbery, so it should be removed—and the exterior of the fish, but the flavor inside will be much the same.
Keep in mind that however you cook your fish, the temperature of the heat source should be related to its thickness and/or size. Cook a large fish or piece of fish at a lower temperature than a small fish. If a small fish is cooked at too low a temperature, it will overcook inside by the time it browns on the outside, while a large fish cooked at too high a temperature will dry out or even burn on the outside before the heat reaches the center.