Agni, or digestive fire

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East by West

By Jasmine Hemsley

Published 2017

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Above all else, Ayurveda recognises that your digestive fire or Agni is EVERYTHING. The strength of your Agni is key to good health, and if you focus on stoking that fire and keeping it lively with your lifestyle choices – for example making time to cook real, fresh, seasonal foods and balancing out the effects of a busy life with meditation and proper rest – you won’t need to fixate on your Dosha type but rather you can balance your ever-fluctuating Doshas as they move with you.
There are thirteen different Agnis, or biological fires, at work throughout your body, including the tiny metabolic processes that take place in every single cell. Here we focus on the main Agni that lies in your stomach, filled with the enzymes and hydrochloric acid that break down your meal and begin the conversion of it into a nourishing energy that your body can use.