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East by West

East by West

by Jasmine Hemsley


Many of the recipes in Jasmine’s 2017 solo book, East by West, are based on ancient Ayurvedic principles, which are covered in some depth. The recipes, on the other hand, are bang up-to-date and champion the tastes and ingredients of pan-Asian cuisine, incorporating a wide range of grains, vegetables and (of course) spices, and are largely veg-focused.

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East by West is the first solo cookbook from bestselling author, cook and TV presenter Jasmine Hemsley, co-founder of Hemsley + Hemsley. Featuring 140 delicious recipes from around the world, East by West champions the ancient Ayurvedic philosophy of eating to nourish, sustain and repair for ultimate mind-body balance.

Jasmine continues her passion for balancing body, mind and spirit amidst the challenges of our fast-paced day-to-day lives, through real food and tasty home cooking. With a focus on listening to your body, eating when you’re hungry, being conscious of what you’re eating when you’re eating it and choosing foods that are right for your mood from day to day, East by West is a modern take on the Ayurvedic principles.

With classic Ayurvedic comfort dishes from Golden Milk to Kitchari and great family sharing dishes Sesame Roast Chicken to Saffron Millionaire Cheesecake, the book has something for every taste (bringing to life store cupboard basics to create dishes) from super simple to simply special. A global range of recipes, together with simple mindful rituals and a classic cleanse to revisit when your energy levels need a boost help the book bring Ayurveda to life in a fresh and friendly way.

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