Savoury or Aspic Jellies

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In terms of nutritive value, savoury jellies of all types obtain their savour and quality from the particular special flavour of the stock used and it is this which determines their ultimate use.
To ensure that a jelly sets without recourse to the use of artificial setting substances it is necessary to add the requisite amount of gelatinous ingredients such as calves’ feet and rinds of pork. These not only ensure that the jelly will set but also that it sets to a soft consistency.
During the summer months it is essential to try the consistency of the stock before clarifying it by placing a little on ice then, if necessary, adding a few leaves of gelatine. In this case the proportion of gelatine should not exceed 9 g (⅓ oz) or 6 leaves per 1 litre (1¾pt or 4½ U.S. cups) of stock. The gelatine leaf used should be crisp and clear without a gluey taste; it should be soaked in cold water or washed well before being used.