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* Foods of the World Series, Time-Life Books.

This is the most important collection of international cookbooks ever assembled in America and will quite likely remain so for many years. It almost goes without saying that the wholly comprehensive series of books on international cuisines would be enough to fill more volumes than the twenty-nine volumes of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. But the twenty-six-volume Time-Life series (do not confuse this with the more recent Time-Life series The Good Cook/ Techniques and Recipes) is startlingly well researched and remarkably selective of the foods and recipes of the representative cooking of regional America, China, Russia, Scandinavia, Africa, and so on. There are some curious omissions (the African volume, for example, astonishingly enough does not even mention couscous) but over all the series is a tour de force and one of the most laudable publishing efforts in the history of cookbooks. The poorest of the volumes is titled The Cooking of Provincial France, which is actually a badly muddled bouillabaisse of regional as well as traditional classic cookery.