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Freekeh, Wild Wheat & Ancient Grains

Freekeh, Wild Wheat & Ancient Grains

By Ruth Nieman

Published 2021

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Ruth Nieman

Einkorn is said to be “man’s first wheat” and the world’s most ancient grain. Its name, from the German for “single grain”, is a true reference to the individual spikelets of wheat that contain the solitary grain. Einkorn falls under the classification of primary hulled wheat farro, that is grouped with emmer and dinkel. Einkorn was given the title farro piccolo and classed as the smallest and most primitive grain of the three. Farro piccolo remains a rare grain that is not easily accessible to modern cooks, as it is a unique cultivar and grown in only a number of select global farms, harvested in the summer months and only after emmer and dinkel.