Grading, Sizing, and Packaging of Eggs

Appears in
The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Cuisine

By French Culinary Institute

Published 2021

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In the grading process, eggs are judged on both their interior and exterior quality and are sorted according to weight. Grade and size are not related to each other. In descending order of quality, standard grades are AA, A, and B. There is no difference in nutritive value among the different grades.

Grade AA

Grade A

Grade B

Breakout appearance

Covers a small area.

Covers a moderate area.

Covers a wide area.

Albumen appearance

Thick and stands high; chalazae prominent.

Reasonably thick, stands fairly high; chalazae prominent.

Small amount of thick white; chalazae small or absent; appears weak.

Yolk appearance

Firm, round, high.

Firm and fairly high.

Somewhat flattened and enlarged.

Shell appearance

Approximates usual shape; generally clean; ridges or rough spots that do not affect strength are permitted.

Same as for AA.

Abnormal shape; some slight stained areas permitted; unbroken; ridges and thin spots permitted.


Ideal for any use but especially desirable for poaching, frying, and cooking in shell.

Same as for AA.

Good for scrambling and baking, and in recipes.