Remarks: Proportions are designed for 6–8 persons. For 9–12 persons, increase the proportions by 1½. For 13–18 persons, double the proportions. For 19–23 persons, triple the proportions. In the latter case serve the food on 2 platters.

For a good piece of boiled beef, use rump or round for the bouillon (ssek-gorbushka, Oguzok, ili kostrets)* For stewed beef, use rump or round. For cooked (zharenyj)** beef, use chuck or plate (tonkij ili tolstyj kraj). For roast beef, use the short loin or ribs (filejnaja chast’). For beef steaks, use the short loin or sirloin (vnutrennyj filej ili vyrezka). For cutlets use the short loin or sirloin, also short ribs, round, or chuck (naruzhnyj filej, tonkij kraj, kostrets, ili tolstyj kraj). For chopped beef or raw meat stuffing for pirogs, etc., use round or chuck (ssek-seredina, bedro, perednaja lopatka, ili kostrets).