A Parting Salvo

Appears in

Honey from a Weed

By Patience Gray

Published 1986

Herman de Vries, the Dutch artist, in his remarkable catalogue entitled Natural Relations I – Die Marokkanische Sammlung, 1984, dedicates this work ‘To the Memory of What is Forgotten’.

The Sculptor refers to the introduction as a ‘cenotaph to lost knowledge’. It is about the relation between people and plants. It begins by quoting from an account of the Chenchu Indians of central India and the Kalahari bushmen today; then looks back into the European Middle Ages, specially with regard to German and Polish peoples’ relations to plants (edible weeds), where I was not surprised to find the weeds gathered in Tuscany, in the Salento, on Naxos and in Catalonia flowering again under their German and Latin names.