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Hot and Spicy

By Marlena Spieler

Published 1985

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Most supermarkets throughout the UK stock fresh chillies and a variety of more exotic produce such as hominy, Asian noodles and various Asian, Chinese and Indian sauces. Waitrose offers an especially good selection, but its branches are located only in the South Midlands and London. Tesco stocks a good variety nation-wide, though exactly what is carried depends upon the region.
For fresh chillies, coconut milk, spices, dahl and lentils, and fresh coriander, shop at Indian grocers’. In addition, fresh coriander may be easily grown from whole coriander seeds. Sprinkle in the ground as you would any herb or vegetable, but plant the coriander seeds in two-week plots to ensure a steady supply of the fresh herb, as it grows quickly and just as swiftly dies back down.