Noodle Soups

Phỏ̕, Hũ Tieu, and Mi Houses

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Little Saigon Cookbook: Vietnamese Cuisine And Culture In Southern California's Little Saigon

Little Saigon Cookbook

By Ann Le

Published 2011

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Soup is regarded by some people as a prelude to a much larger meal, a teaser before the real eating begins. But the Vietnamese embrace the idea of having an entire meal in just one single bowl of soup. Some of the most celebrated Vietnamese dishes are soups made of long rice or egg noodles, served in rich beef, pork, or chicken broths. Pho, pronounced fuh, is the most popular of these. The Chinese-style soups of hu tieu and mi complete the triumvirate of Vietnamese noodle soups. Not only are these three types of soups a quintessential part of Vietnamese cuisine, but they are also fresh, nutritious, and cheap—a bowl of pho in Little Saigon still averages $4.00.