Turn Up the Heat

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Loose Birds & Game

Loose Birds & Game

By Andrew Pern

Published 2010

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Everyone’s favourite, the good old chuck! Like most things in life, you have ‘the good’, ‘the bad’, and, even ‘the ugly’!
Located to one side of our mam kitchen in a panelled dining room, the Chefs Table seats up to eight guests and combines behind the scenes’ views with the opportunity of seeing dishes being prepared for your own party and actually getting involved, if you wish.
The good, of course, is the best, or the VIP’, the Very Important Poulet, as Simon Hopkinson describes it in his exceptional piece of literature Roast Chicken and Other Stones’, referring to the French variety from Bresse, said to be the finest chicken in the world It has a beautiful depth of flavour and is firm-fleshed, with a shape resembling a game bird, and it has longer legs, and slimmer breasts than a ‘normal’ chicken It’s also hung to develop the flavour