Making Egg Pasta at Home

I don’t know of anything you can make in your kitchen that yields such generous returns on as modest an investment of time and effort as egg pasta. It can be produced, from start to finish, in substantially less than 1 hour; you can schedule its making at any time of the day or night convenient to you and cook it even months later. If you choose to roll it out by hand, you will approach it as you would the mastering of any basic manual craft. If you use the simple cranked machine, no advanced skill is demanded.

    What You Need

  • A work counter, at least part of it wood, if possible; the wood top, which can be a movable board, is for kneading
  • A dinner fork
  • A dough scraper
  • Several large dish towels
  • Plastic wrap or thin plastic in large sheets
  • An 8 to 10-inch knife, straight-edged if possible, such as a cleaver
  • A pasta machine, either hand-cranked or electrically driven, with thinning rollers and noodle-cutting attachments; or, if you are making the pasta entirely by hand, a 1½-to 2-inch-thick, 32-inch-long hardwood pin
  • Large eggs and all-purpose flour

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