Soups, Salads and Light Dishes

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The New Vegetarian

The New Vegetarian

By Colin Spencer

Published 1986

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Homemade soups are probably the easiest of dishes to make, and infinitely preferable to manufactured soups, which often contain many preservatives and additives, and frequently too much salt. Compared with packets and cans, homemade soups are highly nutritious and economical, and they need not take long to make. An electric blender or food processor is immensely useful, but some cooks prefer to use a mouli-legumes/food press as it gives a grainier texture. There are certain soups, of course, that need no blending at all. These often tend to be the heartier soups we eat in the winter. There are an infinite number of these made from legumes, but they are usually improved if only half the amount of beans is blended to thicken the soup. Remember - most legumes need to be soaked before cooking. for details.