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Pasta is a food with a welcome versatility. There are, of course, hundreds of shapes that pasta may take, from acini di pepe (peppercorns) to ziti. The roster includes amorini (little cupids), capelli di prete (priests’ hats), lancette (little spears), lingue di passero (sparrows’ tongues), occhi di lupo (wolf’s eyes), fusilli, tufoli, and the kind known as vermicelli (little worms). The vermicelli come in strands even thinner than spaghettini, which are a slender version of spaghetti, which means “little strings.”

All forms of pasta possess character only when embellished with a sauce, and there are doubtless as many sauces for pasta as there are names by which pasta is identified. These may range from a simple butter and cheese sauce to an elaborate tomato mixture with many ingredients.

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