Essential Equipment

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Real Chocolate: Over 50 Inspiring Recipes for Chocolate Indulgence

Real Chocolate

By Chantal Coady

Published 2003

  1. As large a slab of marble as you can reasonably manage. The Rococo slab is about 1 metre by 2 metres, but a much smaller one will do. However, the bigger the slab the easier it is. At home, I have one small piece of marble, bought from IKEA, measuring 60 ร— 40 cm. Tempering on it is really a bit fiddly, but it is possible.
  2. A digital thermometer, which can be found in any serious catering shop and should not break the bank (around ยฃ10).
  3. A large palette knife.
  4. A triangular spreading knife/paddle/scraper - a large plastererโ€™s filling knife from a DIY shop would be as good as anything, but it must be flexible.
  5. Several stainless steel or Pyrex bowls.

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