To Make a Savory Amblet

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Real Irish Food

Real Irish Food

By David Bowers

Published 2014

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Take twelve yolks of new eggs, mix them very fine like a batter, some chives, parsley, a little grated nutmeg, pepper, and salt: put in your amblet pan a quarter of a pound of fresh butter melted, then put your compound in the pan over a slow fire till hardened.

—from an 18th century Irish cookbook manuscript

Breakfast in Ireland can be the best meal of the day. Staying at an Irish B&B can beguile you into spending longer at the breakfast table than you did at the dinner table, beginning with a bowl of porridge, often topped with cream and sugar, and sometimes an alluring shot of whiskey as well. Then the meal moves on to the full “fry,” sometimes called a “fry-up,” consisting of a fried egg, sausages, rashers, and black and white pudding.