Working with a Paper Cone

Appears in
The Art of the Cookie

By Shelly Kaldunski

Published 2011

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Piping may seem intimidating at first, but it becomes easier with practice. When piping icing or glazes onto cookies, a paper cone made from parchment paper is easy to use because it holds a smaller amount of icing, which is all that is needed for cookies; they are also easier to make and fill when several different colors of icing are needed. Paper cones are disposable, making cleanup easier.
  1. Start with a large triangular piece of parchment paper. With the center point of the triangle facing you, make the cone’s tip by placing your index finger in the middle of the base, and roll one of the side points toward the center.
  2. Continue rolling the paper to form a cone, keeping its tip as tight as possible. Use your fingers to guide and secure the tip.
  3. Adjust the tightness at the tip of the cone by pulling on the ends of the paper, then fold the ends inside the cone to secure it.
  4. To fill the cone, hold it open with one hand and, using a teaspoon, fill it about three-fourths full with icing or whatever you will be decorating with. Once the cone is filled, fold the ends of the paper over a few times to keep the icing from leaking out. Snip a small bit off the end (or as directed in the recipe) of the cone to begin piping.