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The Art of the Cookie

The Art of the Cookie

by Shelly Kaldunski


This book’s USP is about transforming a basic biscuit to an edible work of craft and artistry. The recipes give instructions on how to use a variety of cook’s equipment and tools – pastry bags, cutters, food coloring, brushes, and the like – to turn out beautiful cookies that really shine.

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A beautifully crafted cookie is a work of art and beloved by all. Still-warm cookies fresh from the oven are irresistibly enticing but decorating the treats doubles the fun. Whether it's a cookie exchange, holiday gathering, or Mother's Day tea, these cookies promise exceptional flavor and a stunning visual that will be a memorable addition to any occasion.

The Art of the Cookie presents over 40 delectable recipes and inspiring decorating ideas. Rather than focusing on the techniques of baking cookies, this book focuses on transforming a simple cookie into a masterpiece.

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Weldon Owen
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