Frying and Grilling

Fried vegetables can be irresistible, but it is important to cook them carefully as they can burn easily. The oil or fat they are cooked in is important as it will become very much part of their flavour; a mixture of olive oil and butter can be brought to a higher temperature than just butter without burning, but for quickly fried vegetables, I think extra virgin olive oil is the best. For Chinese-style stir-fries the vegetables should be cut to the same size and, to add an authentic flavour, you can mix in some nutty-tasting toasted sesame oil with groundnut or sunflower oil, but use it sparingly, as it is very dominating.
Some people never think of grilling any vegetables other than tomatoes and mushrooms, but all the squash family, and other sliced vegetables which have a softish consistency, grill very well, and in the process lose much of their excess water. With grilling, it is best to keep the heat very high so the vegetables actually burn black in places, giving them a lovely smoky taste.

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