Packaging materials

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Packaging must be easy to handle, must not be liable to split, burst or leak, and must withstand the low temperature at which the freezer is maintained. Choice may be made from wrappings and containers of foil, polythene and waxed materials.

Foil is one of the most useful wrappings for the freezer, and may be cleaned and used again. Food can often be cooked in the foil used for freezer storage. Wrap sheet foil around awkward parcels of food, and use it for packing meat, poultry, cakes and pies. Foil may also be used to make lids for containers. Foil pie and pudding dishes can be used for baking, freezing and reheating dishes, and deep foil containers with their own lids are useful for casseroles.

Rigid plastic boxes may be used for free-flow vegetables and fruit, and for liquid items. They stack neatly and can be used many times. The lids must fit well and be airtight and may be sealed with freezer tape for extra protection.

Polythene should be heavy-gauge for freezer use. Gusseted bags are easier to pack and are suitable for most foods. Bags can be sealed with heat or a twist fastening, and air must be excluded. Sheeting is useful for wrapping meat, poultry and large cakes or pies, but it must be sealed with freezer tape.

Waxed containers are useful for fruit and for liquids, but they stain and retain smells, and are not always easy to use a second time.

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