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Uncooked jam can be stored in the freezer for six months and is brightly coloured with the delicious smell of fresh fruit. Since the fruit is ripe and uncooked, it retains the maximum fresh fruit flavour. Ingredients must be measured carefully, and instructions followed closely. The jams contain a high proportion of sugar, and the yield for each 1 lb/450g of fruit is high. The jams are mixed and left to set before freezing. After the first five hours at room temperature, the jams should be put into a refrigerator to finish setting before storage in the freezer. They are best packed in small quantities in rigid containers with tight-fitting lids, allowing 1/2in/12mm headspace.
Freezer jam should be stored at 0Β°F/-18Β°C or lower, and will keep for six months. Sometimes a white mould-like formation is noticeable when jam is removed from the freezer, but this is not harmful and will melt quickly at room temperature. Jams should be thawed for 1 hour before serving. After opening, they should be stored in the refrigerator and used up quickly. If uncooked jam is stiff, or if β€˜weeping’ has occurred, it should be lightly stirred to soften and blend before serving.

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