The stillroom

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The Farmhouse Kitchen

The Farmhouse Kitchen

By Mary Norwak

Published 1991

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In the days before refrigeration, every country housewife had her store cupboard full of preserved foods to see her through the winter. In the larger houses and more prosperous farmhouses, there was a special stillroom for storing jams, jellies and syrups, dried fruits and vegetables, pickles, chutneys and sauces, smoked and salted meat and fish, and potted meats or fish for short-term storage. In the cottages, there was little room for more than a jam cupboard, but there were hooks for ham and bacon, and vegetables could be β€˜clamped’ in the garden plot or stored in an outhouse. With these varied preserving methods, the housewife kept her surplus produce, and provided some stimulating flavours, at least to vary an otherwise boring winter diet.