The herb garden

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The Farmhouse Kitchen

The Farmhouse Kitchen

By Mary Norwak

Published 1991

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Most cottages and farm gardens have various herbs growing among the flowers or vegetables, where they can be quickly and easily picked for cooking. A specially-planned herb garden is pleasant, but by no means necessary for the cook; a large tub or a series of pots can provide nearly all the herbs needed in the kitchen. The taller and more decorative herbs can be used in flower borders in the time-honoured country way.
Herbs are easy to grow and not fussy about soil on the whole. The many types of mint, and angelica, like moist soil, and parsley needs a rich soil, while fennel prefers open ground. Many others prefer poor, dry land, but they do like sunshine. Most of the herbs can be grown from seed, but others are best grown from the division of older plants. Where a plant can be grown by both methods, it will be found that root division gives quicker results.