Seasonal Vegetable Chart

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The Times Calendar Cookbook

By Katie Stewart

Published 1977

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Many vegetables, such as potatoes and carrots, are available from one source or another all the year round. The seasonal vegetables are those which can add variety to your menus so them as much as possible.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Artichoke, globe Boil, then serve with melted butter for a starter.
Artichoke, Jerusalem Blanch and roast around the joint. Make a delicious soup. Dip in batter and deep-fry. Boil and pour over well-seasoned white sauce.
Asparagus Serve hot with melted butter or cold with oil and vinegar dressing. Excellent for first courses. Cut up and use in a quiche for a supper dish.
Beans, broad Short season, serve tender young beans; Pod beans and cook; serve in melted butter.
Beans, French Top and tail, cook lightly, and serve with melted butter.
Beans, runner Slice, boil, serve with melted butter. Salt or freeze young beans for later in the year.
Broccoli One of the nicest vegetables; serve with melted butter or hollandaise sauce.
Celery Serve crisp raw celery with cheese after a meal. Celery hearts can be braised. Make soup and serve sprinkled with cheese.
Chicory Use fresh in salads. Boil, then wrap in ham slices and serve with cheese sauce. Boil, cool, then flour and fry in butter.
Com on the cob Short season; serve plain boiled with melted butter and salt.
Courgettes Slice, blanch, and fry in butter with parsley and garlic added. Use with other vegetables in casseroles. Make soup, serve cold.
Leeks Use leeks a lot- shredded in salad; in soups and casseroles; poached and served in white sauce; cold with oil and vinegar dressing.
Marrow Make soup. Stuff and bake it. Blanch and cook in a casserole with butter; pour over well-seasoned white sauce.
Parsnips Parboil and roast round a joint. Boil and serve with melted butter. Add to stews.
Peas, garden Serve with mint; cook with lettuce and spring onions and serve & la francaise.
Red cabbage Serve shredded raw in salads. Excellent cooked slowly in a casserole with onions and plenty of apples; serve with rich foods – pork, goose, duck, or gammon.
Spinach Use as vegetable or for soup. Use to fill quiche with cottage cheese; serve with eggs.
Sprouts, Brussels Serve plain boiled with butter or with chestnuts. Towards end of season ‘blown’ varieties can be purged, or made into soup.