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Welcome to Claire's: 35 Years of Recipes and Reflections from the Landmark Vegetarian Restaurant

Welcome to Claire's

By Claire Criscuolo

Published 2014

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Diet fads, it seems, come and go with the ages. Back when the “fat police” were in vogue, their disciples came in claiming to eschew all fats. My response was always, “What about essential fatty acids?” Oddly enough, the diet rages that followed the fat-free diet obsession were the high-protein fad and incredibly high-fat diet fad that also encouraged an extremely low consumption of carbohydrates. It was impossible for me to understand how cholesterol levels wouldn’t jump through the sky if you followed a high-fat/low-carb diet. Furthermore, I think it’s a boring way to go through life. The only way I’d ever give up eating carbohydrates is perhaps as a sacrifice for Lent.