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Fusions: A New Look at Australian Cooking

Fusions: A New Look at Australian Cooking

by Martin Webb and Richard Whittington

from the publisher

Australia is about to become the international focus for good food and style as the world wakes up to the renaissance which has taken place in the last decade. Just as Australian winemakers have changed our perception of contemporary wines, so Australian chefs and Australian ideas about cooking are beginning to take centre stage. Contemporary Australian cooking puts the emphasis on simplicity and balance, taking its inspiration from a melting pot of different cultures, with South East Asia as a particularly strong influence. Much of the cooking is food of the sun, with the robust sun-ripened flavours of the freshest grilled fish or marinated meats plain seared over charcoal. Dishes such as Seared Scallops with Squid Ink Pasta and Mascarpone, Roast Rack of Lamb with Chineses Spices and Macadamia Nut Tart bear witness to a talent for harmonious, never perverse, combinations of tastes and texture. Written by Glennfiddich-award winning writer Richard Wittington and Martin Webb, formerly of the much acclaimed Quaglino's and now working once again in Australia, this book will be a revelation to all those new to the phenomenon that is contemporary Australian food.

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