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Making Bread at Home

Making Bread at Home

by Tom Jaine


The owner of Dartmouth’s famous Carved Angel restaurant provides 50 easy-to-follow bread recipes developed throughout generations from all over the world. With recipes for baguettes, naan, and Portuguese corn bread, you won’t need to buy bread from the supermarket again.

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The Staff of Life: ckbk’s bread-baking collection

The Staff of Life: ckbk’s bread-baking collection

With the recent addition of titles such as Bien Cuit and Josey Baker Bread, ckbk’s bread-baking collection now numbers a neat baker’s dozen. The collection covers everything from books for budding bakers, to works aimed at baking pros, plus beautifully photographed recipe collections inspired by bakeries around the world.

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Anna Koska


Probably my hero. Husband gave this bread bible when he realised I loved baking bread. It opened up my eyes to the vast variety of breads there are throughout different cultures. I think I've made every single loaf in there... favourite will always be French Hearth bread... that soft ladder of joy!