The Victory Garden Cook Book

by Marian Morash

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Recommended by

Elizabeth Schneider

Food Journalist and Cookbook Author

This excellent basic guide to vegetables is as much about gardening as cooking--for those fortunate enough to be able to grow their own. For me, it was the first all-vegetable volume that planted the seed that grew into my own specialization in the plant kingdom. It treats admirably, alphabetically, and simply, a broad spectrum of vegetables, providing sound advice for the selection, storage, and cooking of common and some uncommon produce.

Laura Washburn Hutton

Food writer

I learned about this from Patricia Wells, who loves this book. I never saw the PBS show, but the book is indeed wonderful. Ahead of its time in terms of veg patch cooking; dated in parts but, on the whole, incredibly thorough and still very informative and relevant. Best recipes: Radish Top Soup, All the Squash recipes, Shinbone Soup.

Jesse Ziff Cool

Chef and cookbook author

Barbara Ketcham Wheaton

Honorary curator of the culinary collection at the Schlesinger Library

Sandor Ellix Katz

Fermentation revivalist

Maggie Green

Registered dietitian, chef and cookbook author