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Jewish Holiday Cooking

Jewish Holiday Cooking

by Jayne Cohen


In Jewish Holiday Cooking, Jayne Cohen will guide you through the Jewish holidays with over 200 recipes, including traditional dishes, creative additions, and innovative spins on the classics. Organized around the eight major Jewish holidays and all kosher-friendly, Jewish Holiday Cooking provides menu options, practical advice, and all the how-to that you will need to prepare for a celebration.

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Just like grandma used to make

Just like grandma used to make

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Jacqueline Raposo


I LOVE how faith and food meet during the holidays. I grew up Catholic, but some of my closest friends have been Jewish, and their stories of why foods were celebrated throughout the year always moved me. A close friend and roommate gave me this book as a gift after I'd made challah and latkes for our holiday party. I love how it describes recipes by their place in the bible as well as in modern day life. I cook from it regularly, and reach for it whenever I want to honor the faith of those I love.