Classic Indian Cooking

by Julie Sahni

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William Morrow and Company
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Recommended by

Lisa Gershenson

Food entrepreneur and culinary educator

I love Indian food and have many different volumes that focus on specific regions and styles of cooking. However, this was my first Indian cookbook and it provided me with a strong foundation based on the spices, fragrant herbs and seasonings, equipment and techniques common to Indian food.

Nik Sharma

Food writer

What I appreciate about this book and Julie Sahni’s work in general is the effort she puts into explaining the technicalities of Indian ingredients and techniques, an important aspect to know when trying to learn any new cuisine or style of cooking.

Cynthia D. Bertelsen

Writer and food historian

I’ve owned many cookbooks on the cooking of India, but this one is the best. After making the coconut rice recipe, an Indian friend said it tasted just like his mother’s … .

Zarela Martínez


This book was my introduction to Indian food, I used it even before I had actually experienced the cusiine anywhere else!

Elisabeth Luard

Food writer and illustrator

Must-have on this complex tradition.

Monica Bhide

Food writer

Aaron Wehner