Breakfast, Lunch, Tea

by Rose Carrarini

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Original Publisher
Phaidon Press
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Recommended by

Charlie Lee-Potter

Writer, broadcaster and academic

The co-founder of Le Villandry, Rose Carrarini, took English baking to Paris and won. The fact that the French now adore 'le apple crum-bell' must surely be down to Rose. It's a charming book with a startlingly green cover that's a cross between a 1930s sideboard and a Granny Smith

Julie Friend

Chef, food writer and Masterchef winner

Baking is my thing. I love the photography in this book and have visited both the London and Paris sites. Plus my wonderful friends, the Demes from Chegworth Valley, make an appearance which makes me very happy.

Robyn Metcalfe

Founder and Director, Food+City

This is one of those beautiful and exquisite Phaidon books that always delight. Rose has some very simple, yet tasty recipes, including one very nice banana smoothie.

Jemma Wilson

Founder of Crumbs & Doilies and star of the YouTube channel, Cupcake Jemma

Laura James

Journalist and author