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The Japanese Cookbook

The Japanese Cookbook

by Emi Kazuko and Yasuko Fukuoka


This is a great single volume introduction to Japanese cuisine. Yasuko Fukuoka's recipes cover the most classic dishes including tempura, yakitori, tonkatsu, shabu shabu as well as sushi and sashimi. If you love noodes, you will find out how best to make use of ramen, somen, udon and soba.

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Taking pleasure in the preparation, cooking and presentation of food is true of all cultures but none more so than the Japanese.

This informative guide covers all aspects of Japanese cuisine, from its history and underlying philosophy to the unique ingredients, methods of preparation and cooking techniques.

Combining flavour with beauty, the recipes range from simple miso soups to elegant raw fish sashimi.

Divided into seven chapters, the selection of over 140 dishes covers all the components of a traditional Japanese meal: rice and sushi; soups and noodles; vegetables and seaweed dishes; beans, tofu and egg dishes; fish and shellfish; poultry and meat recipes; and also some delectable desserts.

Illustrated throughout with beautiful photographs, this is a wonderful book to be treasured by all who enjoy creating simple and elegant food.

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Lorenz Books
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