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The Ghana Cookbook

by Fran Osseo-Asare and Barbara Baëta


Described by its authors as “an unrepentant celebration of Ghana’s vibrant cuisine and culture,” this is a book for adventurous, though not necessarily hugely experienced, cooks. California-born Fran Osseo-Assare and Ghana-born Barbara Baëta, one of the country's foremost hospitality professionals, have paired up to create something that’s as approachable as it is fascinating: a thoroughly researched book with abundant detail about Ghana’s foodways and food culture, with recipes that reward cooking.

from the publisher

“An in-depth and truly remarkable collection of authentic Ghanaian recipes. This is the definitive Ghana cookbook.” ― Pierre Thiam, chef and author of Senegal

The Akan proverb “The good soup comes from the good earth” elegantly sums up Ghana’s tradition of cooking with seasonal, local ingredients. With an emphasis on locally caught fish and seafood, vegetables, fruits and legumes, Ghana’s cuisine is vibrant, healthful, and eminently appealing. Limited access to wheat and dairy results in a variety of gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan options using starches such as plantains, cassava, taro, sweet potatoes and millet, and creamy nut-based soups and sauces.

In more than 140 recipes that represent all regions of Ghana, the authors highlight flavor principles, seasoning techniques, and basic stocks, with later chapters dedicated to snacks, soups and stews, protein entrées, beverages, baked goods, and much more.

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Yemisi Aribisala

Food writer

A sensible, structured, extremely sure-handed book that is like a Nigerian aunty who has cooked for half a century. I trust the book’s good sense and placidity.

Gemma Croffie

Food writer