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The Café Paradiso Cookbook

The Café Paradiso Cookbook

by Denis Cotter


Published in 1999 and still a favorite. Author Denis Cotter continues to lead the way in seasonal, local, ingredient-focused, vegetable-based cooking of the sort that many chefs have come to appreciate and emulate in decades since. The book gathers Cotter’s favorite recipes served over the years at Café Paradiso, all of which are very worth emulating at home.

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Café Paradiso is widely accepted as the best vegetarian restaurant in Ireland. Its chef and co-founder Denis Cotter has an international reputation for innovation and quality in his menus, and restaurant critics have waxed euphoric if not lyrical from the experience of eating in there for the first time. The appeal of the unique ambience and mouth-watering menu are endorsed by the phenomenal success of the Cork City restaurant. The book includes over one hundred recipes covering starters, mains and desserts which range from the simple and comforting to the exotic. The Pantry section lists a collection of 'bag of tricks' staples on which other dishes can be based. The Café Paradiso Cookbook makes the atmosphere of the restaurant and the pleasure of its unique cooking style available to all.

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Cork University Press
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Author Profile: Denis Cotter,  author of The Café Paradiso Cookbook

Author Profile: Denis Cotter, author of The Café Paradiso Cookbook

Chef and restaurateur Denis Cotter opened Café Paradiso in Cork, Ireland, in 1993. It’s been in business for 28 years – a huge achievement in such a fickle industry – and still wins plaudits for doing things differently. The restaurant is closed because of the pandemic, giving Denis time to talk to ckbk about Paradiso’s past, its present – and what the post-pandemic future may hold for restaurants.

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