The Cuisine of the Sun: Classical French Cooking from Nice and Provence

By Mireille Johnston

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Mireille Johnston organizes an extensive list of classic French dishes from Nice, Provence, and the surrounding regions and makes them available to chefs everywhere in her own easy-to-follow recipes. Including guidance for choosing ingredients, suggested menus, and a discussion on techniques and tools, The Cuisine of the Sun will counsel you in creating Les Soupes to Les Desserts and every course in between.

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The North Africans, Phoenicians, and Romans who settled in Southern France imbued this region's cuisine with an exotic, uniquely Mediterranean flavor. Naturally light and lean, the recipes use the freshest of ingredients, enhanced by a striking blend of flavors and seasonings. More than two hundred regional classics -- from chickpea and sage soup, a hearty country pate, or an authentic salads nicoise, to an inviting variety of meat, seafood, and vegetable dishes -- are authentically transported to the modern American kitchen. Mireille Johnston's local lore brings the rich vegetation, the colors, scents, and sensations of her native Provence to the beginning cook and the experienced chef alike.

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