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Korean Home Cooking: Classic and Modern Recipes

Korean Home Cooking: Classic and Modern Recipes

by Sohui Kim


Chef Sohui Kim moved from Korea to the US aged 10. These recipes are based on what she describes as, “the seasonal, the homemade, the stewed and the pickled, the real Korean way of cooking” – dishes she ate growing up, and that she has served in her New York restaurants. Ingredients and techniques are explained in detail, with easy-to-follow recipes for kimchi, Korean barbecue – and dumplings, for which chef Kim earned her reputation.

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In Korean Home Cooking, Sohui Kim shares the authentic Korean flavors found in the dishes at her restaurant and the recipes from her family. Sohui is well-regarded for her sense of sohnmat, a Korean phrase that roughly translates to “taste of the hand,” or an ease and agility with making food taste delicious. With 100 recipes, Korean Home Cooking is a comprehensive look at Korean cuisine, and includes recipes for kimchee, crisp mung bean pancakes, seaweed soup, spicy chicken stew, and japchae noodles and more traditional fare of soondae (blood sausage) and yuk hwe (beef tartare). With Sohui's guidance, stories from her family, and photographs of her travels in Korea, Korean Home Cooking brings rich cultural traditions into your home kitchen.

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