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The Bacon Bible

The Bacon Bible

by Peter Sherman and Stephanie Banyas


Chef Peter Sherman loves bacon: “It’s the perfect food to me – no matter the time, the circumstance, or the weather.” He tells how to make it, how to cook with it – and to think beyond breakfast: two of his most popular recipes are for Chocolate-Covered Bacon and a Hog Storm cocktail. Required reading (and cooking) for bacon lovers.

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Bacon is Peter Sherman’s North Star. In 2014, he opened BarBacon, a bacon-themed gastropub in New York City, to immediate critical and financial success, and he has become the go-to bacon guru for the world. Sherman has a nearly religious devotion to bacon, and in his tome, The Bacon Bible, he shares more than 200 recipes that show you how to incorporate bacon into nearly any meal you can imagine.

There are the classics, like BLTs, wedge salads, and mac and cheese, but the book really encourages you to cook with bacon in unexpected ways with recipes like Bacon Ramen, Chipotle Bacon Tacos, and Bacon Bourbon Oatmeal Pancakes. Peter also teaches you the basics, like how to cure simple bacon from scratch. He has a mad-scientist approach to bacon and is a firm believer that it should be a part of every meal. With this cookbook, you’ll never think of bacon the same way.

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