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The Cape Malay Illustrated Cookbook

The Cape Malay Illustrated Cookbook

by Faldela Williams


Any spice-loving cook who hasn’t yet discovered Cape Malay cooking is in for a treat with these recipes. The Cape Malay community of South Africa, based largely around Cape Town, has its roots in modern-day Indonesia–formerly known as the Malay Archipelago. Williams’ collection of family recipes for sambals, stews, breads, curries and sweets is a brilliant introduction to this style of cooking, and the illustrations give insight into the culture behind the cuisine.

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The Cape Malay Illustrated Cookbook is a collection of authentic Malay recipes. Experienced chef Faldela Williams shares her intimate knowledge of the Malay tradition with simple, easy-to-follow recipes for a multitude of well-known Malay dishes such as denningvleis, koeksisters, rotis, sosaties, bobotie, curry, smoorsnoek, atjars, blatjangs and sambals. Faldela combines the knowledge passed down through generations, with modern practicality and convenience, making these delicious dishes easier to prepare than ever. Accompanying these recipes are beautiful illustrations by Liz Mills that highlight the beauty of Malay food and of the culture itself.

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