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The Orishirishi Cookbook

The Orishirishi Cookbook

by Tola Akerele


Orishrishi is the Yoruba word for 'variety' and that is certainly what this cookbook delivers. The author, Tola Akerele is the co-founder of Bogobiri House, a boutique hotel in Lagos, Nigeria that is 'a cultural melting pot for lovers of art and music'. The recipes in Tola's cookbook draw on the traditional dishes of different regions of Nigeria, as well as influences from the Nigerian diaspora.

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This cookbook provides insight into Nigerian food and its abundant history for people all over the world. From the delicious assorted native soup of the South-South region to the distinct taste of afang soup by the Efik-Ibibios or the unmatched textures and flavours of gbegiri and ewedu from the South-West, this is a celebration of premium culinary experiences from around Nigeria. Here, I share important stories about our culture, not just with words, but with images to guide you through each process from sourcing ingredients to serving the finished meal.

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Tola Akerele
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