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Twelve: A Tuscan Cookbook

by Tessa Kiros


We challenge any cook to take a flick through this Tuscan title without finding dozens (and dozens) of recipes you will want to make at once. Twelve is totally the magic number as this delightful cookbook moves through the months of the year, each chapter introduced with a diary-like description of the joys of the ingredients that are coming into season. From Carnival time in February to the hum of the bees accompanying summer produce in June, and all the eccentricities of Tuscany's Christmas traditions in December.

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This personal cookbook reflects the Siena-based author's love of the cuisine of her adopted homeland. Its title refers to the seasonal nature of the recipes within, with the chapters being divided into the 12 months of the year. It is about the food of Tuscany, seasonal cooking and fine ingredients. It is the author's aim in this book to share some of the delights that have been part of her life in Italy: more than an informative guide, it outlines the basic goings-on that occur on Tuscan stove tops, in a region whose culinary fame is steadfastly rooted among the hills and within tradition. With exquisite photos of Tuscany and her family and neighbours, this books aims to entice and inspire the reader to live the Tuscan life.

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Author Profile: Q&A with Tessa Kiros

Author Profile: Q&A with Tessa Kiros

Tessa Kiros talks to ckbk about her culinary influences and the inspiration behind her cookbooks, from her Finnish-Greek Cypriot background, to the Famous Five and Elizabeth David.

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