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Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Recipes

Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Recipes

by Beverly Lynn Bennett

from the publisher

Inflammation is the bodys response to an injury, and its an essential part of the healing process. However, chronic inflammation caused by the effects of poor diet, smoking, obesity, stress, and environmental toxins can instigate or exacerbate a wide range of illnesses, including arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and even Alzheimers. Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Recipes presents a science-based dietary approach that helps protect against this hidden danger to health. Vegan chef Beverly Lynn Bennett presents an overview of acute and chronic inflammation and explains how antioxidants and other nutrients found in whole plant foods can reduce inflammation safely and effectively. Featured are 75 of Beverlys favorite recipes, which contain an array of delicious inflammation superfighters, including avocados, berries, citrus, greens, nuts, seeds, and a host of herbs and spices. These easy-to prepare dishes offer plenty of options for incorporating a variety of power-packed foods into everyday meals.

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